Build Yourself+ Spring 2015 Wrapped and We’re Only Just Beginning

The spring session of Build Yourself+, my empowerment workshop for women yesterday wrapped and I am pumped and inspired. Here’s a few of the things these women have done in the past six weeks:

Learned to delegate / Got promoted / Stepped up into messy situations / Learned not to say yes to everything / Helped our team members be more productive / Advocated for our value / Developed our clients of the future / Tapped into our mentors / Learned to ask / Redirected our career paths where we want them to go / Asked for fair compensation / Were credited for our contributions / Helped others be credited more equitably / Learned to work a room / Spoke with more confidence / Aligned our work with producing more client value and value to our workplaces / Understood more about what contributes to bottom line success in our firms and the role we have in producing it / Learned to ask for what we want / Applied to more jobs, faster / Learned to change the rules / Learned to work a room / Sharpened our negotiation skills.

I love seeing these women invest in themselves and I can’t wait to see them inspire others and change the culture around them. Here’s to my #oldgirlsclub.

Class selfie courtesy of Nina Chase. Hashtag courtesy of workshop grads Nina Chase and Einat Rosenkrantz of Sasaki and Barbara Nazarewicz of SiteCreative (originally by way of Liz Ogbu.)